how to tire out high energy puppy? Tips and trips

How to Tire out High Energy Dogs? Tips and Tricks

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    We have some great tips on how to help high energy dogs use up their energy. This includes ways to keep a puppy busy, even if they haven’t gotten all their shots yet.

    When you get home, you can see the mess right away: your new shoes are all over the place, your couch cushion is torn, and your new dog leash is ruined.

    Dogs that have lots of energy often can’t stay still, especially if they don’t get the right kind of play or exercise. This is true for both grown-up dogs and puppies. If they aren’t tired before you leave, they’ll look for things to do. Usually, this means they might chew or break stuff.

    Why does your dog have so much energy?

    If your dog’s energy is too much and it’s hard for you to do daily things like sitting on the couch, cooking, cleaning, or relaxing, then it’s important to learn more about what your dog needs from you.

    Professional animal trainer Brandon McMillan, who knows a lot about how dogs think, explains,

    “Most dogs we have at home today weren’t initially bred to just sit around. They had specific roles before we even existed, and instinct is stronger than any training. Understanding the history of your dog’s breed is key to knowing their original purpose and to plan their training.”

    To figure out why your dog is hyperactive and loves running around the house, start by learning about their breed’s history.

    Take Australian Cattle Dogs, for example. They were bred to herd cattle, with intense focus, intelligence, and a natural herding instinct. In the past, their “job” was to move cattle.

    Nowadays, these dogs are part of our families. But many people don’t realize that they still need the mental and physical stimulation of having a “job.” This is true for other energetic breeds too, even though their historical roles might differ.

    If your dog is always active or runs in circles, they’re probably looking for something to do. That’s why there’s a category called “Working Breeds,” which includes Border Collies and Siberian Huskies.

    You can find a suitable “job” for your dog, and it’s easier than you think! They don’t need to herd cattle; playing fetch, finding hidden treats, or swimming can be their daily tasks. Activities like catching a frisbee or hiking with you are perfect for high-energy dogs.

    We created Atlas gear specifically for active working breeds. Our durable gear can withstand chewing, and if it breaks, we’ll replace it. We’re committed to helping high-energy breeds have exciting lives. Our gear is made to get muddy, sandy, and wet.

    We’re ideal for your curious, lively dog.

    Our team loves taking our dogs outdoors and we’ve learned some tips. Atlas, Brady, Bear, and other active dogs want to share our favorite adventure ideas.

    Before they become energetic adults, they’re playful puppies. We experienced this with our Cattle Dog German Shepherd mix, Bear. Here are Bear’s top tips for tiring out your new puppy.
    group of dogs playing togeter in dog park

    How do you tire out an energy puppies?

    You’ve just brought a new puppy home. First, congratulations! Second, it can be tough to tire out a puppy, particularly when they can’t go outside yet.

    Most vets recommend not taking your unvaccinated puppy to places where other dogs have been, due to diseases like Parvo. This means you and your adorable, energetic puppy are limited to your home and backyard. But don’t worry, there are ways to manage this:

    1. Enroll in a puppy socialization program

    Look for a puppy-friendly place that offers socialization programs. These programs are perfect for puppies who aren’t fully vaccinated yet. They’re safe, and all the puppies are in the same situation. Early socialization helps develop their personalities. Ask people you know for recommendations or check online reviews on sites like Yelp.

    2. Organize a puppy meet-up

    If you know people with vaccinated dogs and a large yard, arrange a playdate. The older dogs will help teach your puppy, and they’ll play until they’re both tired. It’s a great way to socialize your puppy and ensure a good night’s sleep for both of you.

    3. Play fetch on the stairs

    If you have stairs at home, use them for a game of fetch. It’s a great way to tire out your puppy quickly. Just throw a ball down the stairs and let your puppy fetch it. Make sure to provide plenty of water and cuddles afterward.

    4. Invest in brain-stimulating toys for high energy dogs

    There are many toys designed to entertain and tire out puppies. For example:

    • Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Toy: A battery-operated toy that makes noises, jumps around and is motion-activated.
    • Puppy Kong: Fill it with treats or peanut butter and freeze it for long-lasting entertainment.
    • Interactive Treat Dispensing Ball: Put some of your puppy’s dinner in this toy to make them work for their food.
    • Tennis Ball Thrower For Dogs: Use dog-friendly tennis balls for safe and fun fetch games. This tennis ball thrower for dogs offers a hands-free, automatic fetch experience, promoting exercise and mental stimulation.

    dog fetched a tennis

    5. Try puppy mind games

    The muffin game is simple and fun. Use a muffin tin and dog-friendly tennis balls. Hide treats under some of the balls and encourage your puppy to find them. You can also hide treats around the house for your puppy to find.

    These activities will help keep your young puppy engaged and tired, even when staying indoors.

    8 ways to tire out a high energy dog

    You have an energetic dog who loves playing, but regular walks aren’t enough. You can’t always manage long hikes, but your dog is still full of energy. Sam and Atlas, co-founders of Atlas Pet Company, understand this challenge.

    Living with a dog that needs a lot of activity to calm down can be tough, especially in a small city apartment. But, it’s manageable.

    Now that the Atlas Pet Co. Team is traveling in a van, wearing out Atlas with adventures is easier. From exploring new cities to swimming in lakes, this active dog is now more relaxed. It wasn’t always simple, though!

    Here are some top strategies for tiring out your energetic dog:

    1. Regular dog park visits

    A simple walk may not be enough for a lively dog. They need stimulation.
    Daily visits to the dog park allow your dog to run freely, play with friends, and explore. These outings are also great for socializing your dog.

    Establish a routine of daily dog park trips. Your dog will learn to look forward to them and relax afterward.

    2. Beach outings

    If you’re near a beach, it’s a great place for your dog. There are new smells, people, dogs, and plenty of space to run and play. Let your dog play in the waves or chase floating toys.
    The beach’s atmosphere can also be calming for you. You’ll both return home feeling good and your dog will be content.

    Dog running on the beach

    3. Daycare for all-day play

    Even if you’re home often, sending your dog to daycare once a week can be beneficial. They’ll play all day with other dogs, which is great for their social skills.
    After a day at daycare, your dog will be ready to rest for the evening and possibly the next day too.

    4. Utilize open fields

    Take your dog to a large open field with a chuck-it! A ball, or a frisbee. Playing fetch in a spacious area is a great way for your dog to burn energy.
    These toys not only provide physical activity but also stimulate your dog’s brain.

    5. Hiking adventures

    For those living in small spaces with a large dog, finding ways to keep them tired and content is crucial.
    Hiking is a great activity. The different sights, sounds, and smells on a trail provide mental stimulation for your dog. Plus, the change in environment is beneficial.

    To find hiking trails near you, check out all trails for locations, reviews, and dog-friendly options.

    6. Learn a new trick

    Teaching your puppy a new trick is a great way to tire them out. It needs their full concentration and lots of attention, which can be quite exhausting for them.

    Some tricks even involve physical movement. For instance, teaching your puppy to roll over combines mental and physical exercise. To wear your puppy out, try teaching them a new trick that you can show off to your friends.

    7. Play hide-and-seek game

    There are two ways to play this game. The first is the traditional method. Teach your puppy to sit and stay. Once they’ve learned this, you can go hide. After hiding, call for them.

    This game is a fun way for your puppy to use their senses and get some exercise. If they have trouble staying put, you can have a friend sit with them while you hide.

    8. Play hiding treats game

    Another way to play is by hiding treats for them to find. This method is certainly more appealing to them, and it’s entertaining for you to watch. Conceal treats in various places, then encourage your puppy to search for them under your watch. They’ll enjoy the same searching experience as finding you, but with a yummy reward at the end.

    How much exercise does your energy dog need?

    There’s a lot of debate about this. Some people think puppies should exercise a lot because they’re always so lively. Others are more careful and control how much their puppies exercise. The right amount depends on the puppy, but there are some important things to remember.

    Puppies have energetic moments

    Puppies often get really energetic suddenly, and then they quickly get tired and rest. This is typical of how puppies are: They have short times of lots of activity, but they can’t keep going for long. They’re not ready for long exercise times yet. Too much exercise at once isn’t good for them.

    Too much exercise isn’t good

    Puppies are still growing, so too much exercise can be as bad as not enough. If they do too much, they might have health problems or their growth could be affected.

    When you play with your puppy, start with short, fun times. This helps them use up their energy without being too much for them.

    Different breeds need different exercise

    A puppy’s breed can tell you a lot about how much exercise they need and what kind. Some puppies need a lot of running and playing, while others need things that make them think. Knowing what breed your puppy is can help you understand what kind of exercise is best for them.



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