Tennis Ball Thrower for Dogs

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🥎 Interactive Play – Enhancing Bonding
🥎 Throwing Training – Intellectual Development
🥎 Energy Consumption – An Alternative to Walking
The automatic Dog Ball Launcher provides endless fun, keeping dogs active and engaged. This tennis ball thrower for dogs offers a hands-free, automatic fetch experience, promoting exercise and mental stimulation.

PupPlay Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

dog's best companion

The automatic Dog Ball Launcher is more than just a toy; it's a companion for your dog, especially when they're home alone. Suitable for dogs of different ages, it keeps your pet engaged, active and helps reduce obesity, effectively channeling their energy.

upgraded and versatile

The Dog Ball Launcher, made from durable ABS construction, features an upgraded design, a USB cable for charging, and three elastic tennis balls. Whether your dog is small or medium-sized, this fetch toy promises hours of fun!

user-friendly design

This automatic ball thrower for dogs is designed for easy operation, promoting independent play that's both easy and fun. Simply plug it in, set your desired launch distance, and drop in a ball. Note: Ensure the machine is on before placing the ball and keep the launch slot dry.

mental and physical stimulation

The automatic Dog Ball Launcher is more than a game; it's a tool for stimulating your dog's mind and body. It keeps them entertained for hours, providing the exercise they need and a whole lot of fun. This automatic fetch game is the premium choice for pet entertainment and exercise.


Welcome to our Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you better use our product:
Imagine an apparatus, automated in nature, that propels balls into the air for your canine companion to chase and retrieve. This Dog Ball Launcher, as it is known, serves as an excellent tool for keeping your dog not only entertained but also physically active.
The mechanics of the Dog Ball Launcher are intriguing. A ball is inserted into the device, which then employs a unique mechanism to hurl the ball into the air. Certain models even offer the luxury of adjusting the launch distance, allowing you to tailor the experience to your specific spatial constraints.
Absolutely! The design of the Dog Ball Launcher prioritizes safety. However, it is crucial to remember that while your dog is engaged in play with the device, supervision is key to prevent any accidental mishaps, such as being struck by a ball.
Indeed, many Dog Ball Launchers are equipped with adjustable launch distances, making them versatile for both indoor and outdoor environments. However, it is paramount to ensure sufficient space is available to prevent any unfortunate accidents.
The ball size can fluctuate depending on the specific model of the Dog Ball Launcher. It is of utmost importance to use balls of the appropriate size to avert any potential choking hazards.
The guidelines for cleaning and maintenance can differ from model to model. As a general rule, it is advisable to keep the device free from dirt or debris to ensure its optimal functioning. Always adhere to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
Some Dog Ball Launchers operate on batteries, while others may require a connection to a power source. For detailed information, please consult the product specifications.
Although the Dog Ball Launcher is designed to keep your dog entertained, it is always recommended to supervise playtime to ensure your dog’s safety.
Replacement balls are typically available for purchase at the same location where you bought your Dog Ball Launcher, or they can be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website.


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